Residency at Van Gogh House

September ’23

In the heart of the Netherlands, amidst the legacy of Vincent van Gogh, Elisia now resides at the Van Gogh House, where the spirit of the master painter lingers in every brushstroke of inspiration. For this month-long sojourn, Elisia’s canvas becomes a bridge between her own artistic vision and the echoes of Van Gogh’s genius, creating a tapestry of creativity that spans generations.

Next to the sexton’s house from the time of Van Gogh, a modern guest studio has been built. This studio is made available for the artist in residence. A mesmerising location in the heart of Zundert.


May-August ’23

Elisia’s connection to the IVY art route runs deeper than mere happenstance; it is a profound communion with her roots.  To tread the path that once bore witness to Vincent Van Gogh’s journey through this picturesque terrain is to embark on a voyage of rediscovery, an intimate dance with the land of her birth.

For Elisia, this journey is not just a passage; it is a celebration of her heritage, a source of inspiration, and a tribute to the enduring allure of the Flemish Ardennes. In each brushstroke, she honors the landscape that cradled her dreams, infusing her art with the spirit of this enchanting region she calls home.

The route takes you through stops tracing Van Gogh’s journey on foot, an exhibition about his mentor, the pastor-artist Pieterszen, and contemporary art selected by curator Johan Tahon, who delved into Van Gogh’s footsteps.

Ivy Art route

June ’23

Elisia Poelman, Sven Boel, and Louise Daneels at 3J Art Gallery, Knokke, Belgium”

Step into the world of aesthetic wonder as Elisia Poelman, Sven Boel, and Louise Daneels unite their artistic visions at the esteemed 3J Art Gallery in Knokke, Belgium. This collaborative exhibition is a testament to their shared passion for beauty and a celebration of the diverse harmonies that art can evoke.

3J Art Gallery by Jean-Jacques De Gucht & Johan Van Tittelboom, Building on a passion for beauty.


the visible and beyond

May ’23

Within the confines of the Charles De Cordier Art Gallery, a Greek tragedy of artistic proportions unfolded during Elisia’s inaugural solo exhibition, “The Visible and Beyond.” Each artwork, like a chapter in an epic drama, held its own unique narrative, invoking the spirit of ancient Greece.

With pieces like “Delphi,” “Pythia,” and “Artemis,” Elisia transported her audience into realms where the tangible met the transcendent. “Delphi” whispered secrets from ancient oracles, “Pythia” embodied the mystical, and “Artemis” celebrated the divine feminine.

As visitors traversed the gallery’s halls, they became unwitting actors in a timeless drama.

Nestled in the heart of the picturesque city of Ghent, you’ll discover the captivating Charles De Cordier Art Gallery. A treasure trove which transcends the ordinary, offering a curated collection of art, objects, and oddities that ignite the imagination.

April ’23

Arteventura is an artist’s residency on a wooded estate of 25 ha deep in the Spanish inland. 

Arteventura offers silence, space and time to engage in research and development, or create new and adventurous work. Artists stay in all freedom and don’t have to submit a project, nor have they to yield any results.

Arteventura aims to be a place  where (international) artists and the communities of the region come together.

Arteventura seek to generate dialogue and interaction which can be an enrichment for everyone. This works from both sides. Artists can cooperate with local craftsmen, while inhabitants of the region are invited to meet and discover art.

Arteventura Residency

December ’22 – January ’23

‘The Unequalled Rufus Massive Monster Show’ is a retrospective exhibition featuring none other than Edouard Schneider, Pieter Van Eenoge, Eliza Pepermans, Alexander Popelier, Sam Scarpulla, Toykyo, Louise Daneels, Sarah Yu Zeebroek, Nina Vandeweghe, Elke Van Kerckvoorde, Bart Spitaels, Indre Svirplyte, Ines Claus, Jan Vandeplancke, Hélène Meyer, Elisia Poelman, Marieke Bontinck, Sofia Pashaei, Lidia Sciarrotta, Victor Verhelst and three promising discoveries: Annelies Bollaers, Coralie Laudelout plus Arthur Devisscher.

Rufus Gallery showcases contemporary visual art with strong graphic accents and — on occasion — even a photographic touch. This special gallery, situated in the steamy Dampoort district, defies boundaries and offers a lively platform for local talent and international artists.

December ’22

Elisia Poelman, Elvira De Pelsmacker, Hans De Pelsmacker, and Anne Perneel at Genthof Brugge”

Step into a world of artistic synergy as Elisia Poelman joins forces with Elvira De Pelsmacker, Hans De Pelsmacker, and Anne Perneel in a captivating group show at Genthof Brugge.

This collaborative exhibition promises to be a visual journey filled with diverse perspectives, unique narratives, and a rich tapestry of artistic expressions. Each artist brings their distinct voice and creative flair to the table, resulting in a harmonious celebration of creativity that is not to be missed.

Groupshow Genthof Brugge

May-June ’22

In “The Blooming Temper,” Elisia Poelman collaborates with four fresh talents, each blossoming with their unique temperament, while collectively forging their artistic signatures.

Lidia Sciarrotta 

Marieke Bontinck

Sofia Pashaei’s 

Hélène Meyer’s 

Elisia Poelman’s own work paints a vivid picture of everyday life in the great outdoors, a riot of colors that rhyme and dance freely on the canvas. Her vistas provide a sanctuary of contemplation in our fast-paced, virtual society.

“The Blooming Temper” is a sensory feast, a five-course dinner of brightness, introspection, melancholic memories, and sunshine, where each artist’s temperament blooms and flourishes in a harmonious symphony of creativity.

July-September ’22

In the heart of Aalst, Belgium, a breathtaking artistic symphony unfurled as the Diskus Gallery played host to the visionary exposition “Together Apart.” Curated and brought to life by the dynamic duo of Elisia and Luna Verleysen, this exhibition was an immersive journey through the minds of 15 young and promising artists.

This venture extended beyond the gallery’s confines. Aalst itself became the canvas as the exhibition seamlessly blended with the city’s streets. An art route wove through the urban landscape, inviting passersby to pause and ponder, to engage with art in unexpected places. Entrepreneurs and shops enthusiastically embraced this collaboration, offering their storefronts as portals to this captivating world of artistic expression.

Explore a 6km art route through Aalst’s city center. Discover young talents in 13 shop windows, scanning QR codes for artist insights. This route unveils hidden city shopping gems, sharing artistic hotspots along the way. Experience Aalst through artistry.

Together Apart

Progress & pleasure

October ’21

“Progress and Pleasure” marked a transformative moment in Elisia’s artistic journey. This exhibition, held in the esteemed halls of Diskus Aalst, saw her collaborating with three close friends and fellow artists for the very first time. Together, they unveiled their creations to the world, offering a glimpse into their shared passion and unique perspectives.

For Elisia, this exhibition was a leap of faith, a moment of vulnerability as she opened her artistic world to the broader public. The title, “Progress and Pleasure,” hinted at the evolving nature of their work, where progress was both the journey and the destination, and pleasure was the heartbeat that fueled their creative souls.

Within the walls of Diskus Aalst, these four artists created an immersive experience that celebrated friendship, shared artistic visions, and the joy of unveiling their inner worlds to the world at large. “Progress and Pleasure” was not just an exhibition; it was a testament to the power of collaboration, the courage to share, and the boundless potential of art to connect hearts and minds.